Several Best Trees to Plant near Pool in Your Garden

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Having our own personal garden is something that we need to seek especially if we love gardening and planting different kinds of plants. However, if we want to have our own garden, we cannot just Read more

Why you need to plant Beech Trees in your garden

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If we want to make our own garden, there is one recommendation that you need to consider, which is to plant beech trees in your garden. Why beech trees? Of course there are several reasons why it is Read more

How to Take Care of Sweetbay Magnolia to Get Best Flower

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Sweetbay magnolia is a type of flower that emits an aromatic scent along with its wood. The trees are known to be diverse in plant form and leaf shape. These are the reasons that might excite many Read more

Best Silver Birch Planting Ideas for Your Backyard

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Silver birch, which is also known as European white birch and warty birch, has a graceful shape. This is why the tree is called the ‘lady of the woods’ with white and pale brown peeling bark. As Read more

How to Take Care of Fringe Tree for Better Growth

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Fringe tree is a small deciduous tree originating from the eastern United States. Having another name called old man’s beard, this plant consists of female and male trees. The female ones are known Read more

How to Kill a Tree Permanently Easy Method to Follow

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How to kill a tree permanently might be on your mind a lot right now. The reasons might vary, like considering the dangerous fall risk to infected or diseased trees. Whatever the reasons are, you can Read more

How to Take Care of Tamarind Plant for Best Growth

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Tamarind is one of tropical fruits that many people use for dishes or medicinal purposes. The taste of this fruit is unique because it gives you a sweet-sour flavor. Its tree is a leguminous tree Read more

How to Plant Jackfruit Step by Step for Best Result

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Jackfruit is a fruit originating from South India and its tree is well-known as the largest tree fruit. The tree has 20-inch diameter, 120 pounds in weight, and 35 inches long. As one of the Read more

Steps and Guide on how to Grow Beech Trees

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Beech trees have many benefits that make them a valuable tree to be planted. For example, its wood can be used as a firewood because it burns better, additionally the wood itself can be used as a Read more

Beautifying Garden with Wild Anemones Wild and Beautiful Looks

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Wild anemones are wild flowers that often grow easily even without personal care. However even if it’s a wild flower, these flowers are quite distinct and also unique in terms of appearance. It is Read more
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